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Sep 23,  · "Well, my mum was hurt and petty and marked his gravestone as 'In loving memory of John Doe, son, spouse, father and adulterer'." The bloke went on to say: “My dad's family and his pregnant fucking partner are mad and want me to fix it. "I personally think it's . Oct 05,  · No more free lunches for her dad. Recommend 0. M. Saeed. Oct 05, pm. What a dad and what a rebellious daughter! Oct 05, pm. The day she was liberated of father, she commenced posting nude pics. such misguided youthfull icons need to be restrained, she is a very bad example for the generation. Recommend 0. nk. Oct 05, pm. Oct 22,  · Messages for Dad I can't believe this became a thing Summary: The Imperial Family have gotten messages that seem to have come from the future, a future where Chaos is winning, the Emperor is dead, there are children and there is more war. The events of the future influence the present.

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